What is babybit?

The intelligence bits method.

Babybit early learning programmes are based on the well-known BITS method. These have been created to stimulate the child's brain at the most receptive stage of its development, i.e. between 0 and 6 years old.

As parents, we have a responsibility for our children's development. By the time they reach school age, much of their learning ability has significantly declined. That is why stimulating the child during this crucial period is so important.

With babybit, our children will learn new classified and structured knowledge without realising it, will develop and expand their language, will reinforce their long-term memory, will stimulate their photographic memory and above all, will have a significant learning experience.

This learning is focused in three areas - reading, mathematics and general knowledge - and meets the following requirements:

all sessions take the form of a fast and fun game. There are sounds within them to attract the child's attention, and praise appears at the end. It is very important that the child is also praised by his parents every time the session finishes, in order to motivate the youngster to continue with the programme.

"Something scientists have discovered is that children who often receive praise become more intelligent than those that often receive criticism."

Thomas Dreier

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