Early learning on DVD.

The babybit early learning programmes are the only ones on the market which are based on the well-known bits method, and presented in DVD format.

Why DVD?

Bits method in DVD format.

We are convinced that DVDs are the best way to implement an early learning programme for children. Their simplicity, quality and extensive use in homes make them an ideal tool.

The ideal place for following an early learning programme is at home. Thanks to our DVDs, your child can enjoy the right learning process in the safe and comforting atmosphere of your own living room.

Despite the complexity and laboriousness of producing an early learning programme covering the main areas of knowledge, this has been achieved successfully with babybit. Babybit makes difficult things easy and smoothes the way for all parents.

Our DVDs are very simple to use, are perfectly structured and parents only have to select the session that the child has reached. Children enjoy three different sessions from Monday to Friday, and rest at weekends. It is as easy and practical as that!

Cover: Early learning. Volume 1

Early learning. Volume 1

In this volume, the child can make a start in the world of reading by learning complete words and the image that goes with them, thereby reinforcing their assimilation. In mathematics, the child will learn the concept of quantity and his or her first operations using a dots system.

Duration: 6 Hours 37 Minutes

Cover: Early learning. Volume 2

Early learning. Volume 2

In volume 2, the child continues to see complete words, and pairs of words will also be introduced, with the image to go with them. In mathematics, learning about quantity is completed, and the concept of numbers and their operations appears.

Duration: 6 Hours 43 Minutes

Cover: Early learning. Volume 3

Early learning. Volume 3

In the reading programme in volume 3, the child will learn simple phrases using known words. In mathematics, operations with numbers are looked at in more depth.

Duration: 6 Hours 41 Minutes

Cover: Early learning. Volume 4

Early learning. Volume 4

In this volume, a major step forward in reading takes place, with the presentation of the first stories. In mathematics, progress will continue with learning about more complex operations.

Duration: 6 Hours 25 Minutes

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